Un-named GOLD Edition

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Un-named GOLD is Un-named 1 that has been updated, but some "errors", "bugs", and "crappy drawings" have been left in for tradition. Un-named 3 is going out soon, and there is more blood then all un-named's combined! No movie is bloodier then Un-named 3!



ok i have to admit this is pretty funny i especially like your characters they are not too advanced but they are simple and funny, now you could probably work on them shape em up abit more, maybe smaller heads would be fine, but as for this animation it was entertaining i believe the {NEXT-BUTTON] just in gets in the way, you may want to remove that and let it flow like a movie, it would be better presented aswell and just better for all and besides the button tends to get abit on the anoying side, Now the animation was great just seemed an issue with always having to click on the button, also noticed there was not really anything in the backrounds thats another little part you could work on, even some solid colors would sufice, anyways i gave a few tips in hopes you can improve on this and anything new you have planned, keep up the decent work.

For starters you may want to reshape the characters they are ok but abit more detail, Now with buttons its ok, but if you let it flow more like a movie without the buttons it will run smoother, to me in my opinion the buttons seem to slow it down and tends to get anoying with all the clicking, so try it out with removing the buttons, if you dont kike that style you can always go back to the other way.

Entertaining and cute but needs some work.



I don't get it, it looks a little better, but other than that, it's exactly the same, nice job updating it I guess, but time is better spent making new things, because this is just repetitive.

Better than you think

I found myself laughing many times during this violently random bit of flash.
I also liked the extras.

Gold edition? Wow.

A legendary flash refined and honed.

could have been better.

This definitely could have been done better. The constant clicking got really annoying very quickly, and the fact that the "resume" button moved all over the place made it difficult and frustrating to click through the screens. Some additional sound effects beyond the music would have helped a bit, and the music itself was a little tedious, honestly. Graphics were pretty poor quality as well.

Overall, I wasn't much of a fan of this flash.

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2.49 / 5.00

Jun 18, 2000
10:08 AM EDT
  • Daily Feature June 19, 2000