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D-fence 2 !!

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Author Comments

This one is not for those who own a computer that is more then two years of age.


To build you need money. Factories allow for workers to make money. Build houses to get people, turn these people into workers and you've got income!

Towers shoot over walls, while enemies are still attacking the wall. Put SOLDIERS into the towers and the trenches. Build baracks to get more soldiers. Train them by assigning people as soldiers. UPGRADE your buildings when you have to money!

Try to fight off the enemie untill TURN 3000, that's where it ends.

Intro music if from 'the ROCK' (movie) But I sampled parts from the movie and used the soundtrack from CD.

The intro was a haste job. Wanted to finish the dang thing.

Visit toiletQuest.net for more info on me and my games. Cheers!


Nice game there.

Never played the first game, but this one definately rocked. I started playing and before I knew it I was hooked. This game is way fun, nice job.

LiceAtk you can write but you cant read?


Decent game btw, totally different then the original.

SimCity +defense game+ clickfest= D-Fence 2

I have played D-Fence 1 and 2, Both Games have somehow attracted me to play, unlike D-Fence 1 where by level 20 (for me, exactly 21) your attention wasn't required except for clicking every few ten secs, D-Fence2 did keep me awake longer. Besides this by the turn 1000, gaining $5000 per turn was too easy. (By the end I had 42 mil, +61500 each turn. 7500 population, 2125 free, 3075 in industry, 2300 in army, 60 reserve.)
Anyway, I think it would have been better if there was an option of auto buying bullets, because it got annoying when you click fest on a mech, to find out you needed more bullets and only buy in 10s when one mech needs 100 machine gun or more. (and I had many as 6 on the screen one time.) and/or stronger weapons choices, like laser considering there is a technology of walking robots (laser as a weapon has already been invented, by the time giant walking robots with machine guns appear, they would be conventional, wouldn't it?). Worst bit was trying to build more buildings behind tall structures, even with the pause.
Something I liked tho was the upgrading buildings to see the 'evolution' of building appearances. Boring Intro/ skip button too fast.

awesome but easy and short

This was definitly a fun game.. played it 3+ times with different strategies. only a few enemies made it thru without dying on the last run. I agree there needs to be more upgrading.. and maybe a choice between what you buildings look like as opposed to random selection. Also a weapon stronger than the machine gun ( that killed my finger hahaha)

An easy way to beat the lag is to build the industy that look like bunkers.. you can build and destroy empty industry blocks at no cost till you get that building.. sinec it doesnt move things continue at normal speed.

Also maybe if we could tear up the roads and some walls... they seemed to just waist space more than be useful.

All in all i cant wait for the next one :)

Awesome work!

Great job. Fun mechanics and awesome gameplay to it. Frankly the only way I see to improve this is by having a bigger/more expensive gun than the machinegun. It's strong at first but when you gotta click 60 times to take down an enemy, it becomes a bit tedious.

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Credits & Info

4.11 / 5.00

Apr 26, 2005
2:15 PM EDT
Strategy - Real-time (RTS)