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Thanks to everyone who reviewed this video. It was a lot of work and it's great to see that so many people appreciate it.

To answer a few questions that seem to come up over and over again in the comments: The CD is really available (you can get it at Amazon by clicking on the audio link on the left), I created the song including the music and lyrics, lastly the video is not meant to be anti-christian specifically, it is anti-fundamentalist-reli
gion, be that christian, muslim, jewish, newage or whatever. When taken to the extreme (as fundamentalists do) all religions are equally foolish and dangerous.

Anyway, tahnks again for all the great reviews and comments.


Chizzy-check it!

This is the first official video of off the Hawkman's new album 'A Brief History of Rhyme: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits'. It's for the song 'What We Need More Of Is Science' and represents a massive amount of my time and the time of several people without which I could not have made this video. Specifically:

Nate Sands - Nate did most of the art for this project and helped with the script.

Tony Moore - Tony did the rest of the art.

Dave Mitchell - Dave did the voice of the Fundamentalist and the narrator.

I would also like to thank Newgrounds, Brash Music and the gravitational pull of the moon.

All right, that's it. Vote early and often!



You calling believer's mindless sheeps?

You can't afford to say that, ladyboy, since you haven't read the bible once. Read it, read it again and read it once more, you'd learn stuff from it related to current events. You'd learn that fate isn't all about unlogical horse shit what you think it is, obviously.

Technically this was a good flash, but the message of this flash was stupid time's internity.

Not bad

Better stuff out there though that deserves front page more than this though. I think the only reason this even got the front page cause of the jab at Christianity.


okay...the idea of using cartoon kinda flash Was Dumb ald the MC...err hawking looked like the nerdinator.

but i liked the music.

Good Job

Good job i liked the animation on it, the sound was allright.

As a christian, i have to say chirstianity is not a blind faith. you should allways look into something before u say what it is. There is scientifical evidence behind the bible. Is science not a religion with extremsts? Very funny and good artwork.

it was'nt that good

i think this to~so am i to take it that everyone that believes in any sort of supernatural intervention within or outside of our natural relm, boundries, and laws is an ignoramous? i mean, sure, new-agers and crystal freaks are definately out of the logical picture, but what about creationists? i firmly believe that there is a god and that he is responsible for the creation of the universe, the setting of it's foundations, and upholds the laws of nature. does that mean that i place my reliance on "blind faith"? am i just some back-water religious fanatic? could i even be courteously explained away as someone who has to check my brain at the door to go to a church?

first off, by the same standard that dictates that evolution is not a religion, creationism is not a religion. you can believe that there is a god and not be religious at all (i know that my co-workers have proven that to me time and again). however, by the definition of a religion (the laws, rules, ways of life, etc. subsequent to the origins of the universe), every hard-line secularist is a religious fanatic. either way, they're in the same group.

but why is it that i'm the ignorant one? has sience empirically done away with 'religious myths'? is religion only held on to for its indirect benefit as an incentive to be good? have i based my life solely on legends and folklore?

what about noted scientists like kent hovind? he's a seminarist who's devoted his life to public speaking. he speaks about seven hundred times a year on the issues or creation, evolution, and dinosaurs, and the effect off secularism and theism on society. and how about the journalist lee strobel? this man started off in a christian home, became a hardent atheist because of his schooling, but when he actually looked into it for himself, he became one of the greatest apologists for the christian faith. and how about robert gentry? a fabulous man of pure science that studied radio poloneum halos. he found that this extremely common anomaly, found in granite all over the world, irrefutably points to an instantaneous, cool (not molten) origin of this earth. there are hundreds of scientists of good standing (some very well-noted) that dissent to anything other than supernatural intervention when it comes to the origin of this universe. whether is was allah, krishnu, jahova or any other established god of religion is beside the point. the point of the matter is that it didn't happen by chance (even accompanied by natural selection).

the point that i'm making here is that i am not just some willingly ignorant, bible-spouting hillbilly. even amoung my secular circle of friends, i'm regarded as a very intuitive, knowlegeable person. now, i'm not saying that all secularists are blithering idiots either. the do have there points (i've got no problem with saying that they're wrong, but i will not call them idiots by default). i'm also not saying that everyone who believes in creation, however right i deem them to be, aren't willingly ignorant, bible-spouting hillbillies, but, by that standard, i say that there are quite a few secularists who just spout off what they were fed in school and stereotype anything spiritual as hokey, out-dated, and restraining.

the bottom line: i take my brain with me when i go to worship. i am as much in this century as any secularist that i've debated with. creation is science

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Apr 26, 2005
7:03 AM EDT
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