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Thanks to everyone who reviewed this video. It was a lot of work and it's great to see that so many people appreciate it.

To answer a few questions that seem to come up over and over again in the comments: The CD is really available (you can get it at Amazon by clicking on the audio link on the left), I created the song including the music and lyrics, lastly the video is not meant to be anti-christian specifically, it is anti-fundamentalist-reli
gion, be that christian, muslim, jewish, newage or whatever. When taken to the extreme (as fundamentalists do) all religions are equally foolish and dangerous.

Anyway, tahnks again for all the great reviews and comments.


Chizzy-check it!

This is the first official video of off the Hawkman's new album 'A Brief History of Rhyme: MC Hawking's Greatest Hits'. It's for the song 'What We Need More Of Is Science' and represents a massive amount of my time and the time of several people without which I could not have made this video. Specifically:

Nate Sands - Nate did most of the art for this project and helped with the script.

Tony Moore - Tony did the rest of the art.

Dave Mitchell - Dave did the voice of the Fundamentalist and the narrator.

I would also like to thank Newgrounds, Brash Music and the gravitational pull of the moon.

All right, that's it. Vote early and often!


I have a question, but first...

The animation on this was fantastic. It was very much like a comic book style, which I can tell easily that was what you were going for. The song was pretty good, but I do have to confess I couldn't really pick out what he was saying... eh my be my headphones.

Now, my question... Why is everyone being so uptight about whatever viewpoint was or wasn't being made in this flash? So what if this author used his perspective as the main blueprint for the comedy, big frelling deal! I doubt he was even trying to make a point about weither the creation theory, or science, or sheep or whatever else your complaining about is better or more accurate than the other. IT'S A BLOODY FLASH MOVIE! Why try to find the logic in the background of the flash when the foreground shows Mr. Hawking making a boxing glove appear from his motorized wheelchair to attack Cain (I believe...)

Bottom line:
For those who haven't seen the flash, enjoy as it is. For those who already have, let me say this: don't let whatever meaning that was expressed in here dimish the overall good quality of the humor...

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sheep eh?

u kno how u were able to get to work or school? science. u kon how u are able to respond to this work of art? science. i mean i respect ur ideas, but i kno for a fact that with all ur beliefs, u want to come home to a bathroom with running water. how does ur water run? science. please consider befor u say wut u said, sagerman, because u would think differently if u whre living in the wilderness wihtout ur AC or ur computer or a good old fashion electric light. nature, god, everything is nice, but dont go hating science. u dont have to be a scientist if u dont want to follow the practice, but as long as u live in a house with electricty, dont bitch. once again, sagerman, i respect ur beliefs. im just asking you to look at the cercumstances

Sheep, eh?

I'm a critic, such as yourself, but shouldn't we also represent the view that science is based on faith as much as religion is? Really, what we know about the world is quite trivial. Scientists make hypotheses about things, and base their "evidence" on the fact that that hypothesis is true. If later it is proved false, since they had no evidence for real in the first place, the rest falls apart. Science is really just a collection of loose assuptions, ready to crumble at any second, so who are the sheep? Seems more like we all are. Following these gods of science around, listening to everything they say, never seeing any real proof for ourselves. We would never know if they were lying or if science doesn't really exist at all because we believe it so blindly. If that's not also blind faith, then I don't know what is. Not trying to dis your show or anything. It was pretty good, but a little unfairly biased. I know it's all in good fun. Just keeping it real, y'all.

MC-Hawking responds:

By definition science is not based on faith. If you believe that science and religion are the same then I suggest you stop using your computer to send emails and start asking god to deliver your messages for you.


I agree with mollena i happen to be black and a E=mc squared is the equation used to give the total energy (E) of a stellar object using Mass (m) times the speed of light squared (c) for instance a pound (2.2 kg) of mass (assuming that the mass is pure energy) using the equation would convert into 21.4807 and so on megatons of TNT, one more thing you racist jackass jokerzero, you spelled Quasar wrong, also a quasar happens to be the centers of large galaxies thought to be powered by supermassive black holes. Next time think before you type you dumbass.
But back to the movie... yeah it was great


That was great man make more of em

and Jokerzero, i see why u aint bein racist but seriously man im sure u dont no wat tha hell E=MC2 or a dam quarzar or watever

we dont need 2 no tha bull n e way and y should we??

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