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The tune is actually CON LE DITA DI UNA MANO by MASSIMO RUFFINENGO... but there you go



I liked it. =D

You did a good job, don't listen to most of the 12 year old idiot's who attempt to blam you, just because it doesn't show Tits.

I liked the part when started to bleed the most. xD

<33 Good Job, keep it up, mate.

Grumbo-joe responds:

well thank you. just a bit o' nonsense

Cockgirl had too much to handle?

I wonder one thing though - Why is it that she was satisfied with the fourth one she saw? I would think if she kept walking that she would find even bigger and more brutal, evil cocks sporting their mighty boners for her! Was the fourth cock already too much cock for even Cockgirl?

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Grumbo-joe responds:

stop thinking

She loves the cock almost as much as I do

That was pretty... interesting... It was kinda funny, but mostly perverted... not really worth a watch because of the half rate animation... try harder next time. This was almost good!

Grumbo-joe responds:

What possible reason would I have for not trying harder next time?


How can you stand drawing all those cocks? And why did you draw the dicks better then the girl. Im sorry but this is just gay.. (literally)

Grumbo-joe responds:

How very anti-gay of you. My my, people must look at you and say, "I wish I exuded that kind of straightness"

Lots of People Don't Seem to Like This One...

...But I do, nice work mate. Anything that makes me smile is a bonus.

Grumbo-joe responds:

Its only American Christian teenagers that don't get it. If it has no point (or no Jesus slogans) they reckon its evil. She just likes cock!

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1.26 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2005
6:08 PM EDT
Comedy - Original