Larry vs Crocodile Hunter

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In memory of Steve Irwin: A great naturalist and real life action hero. Steve's enthusiasm for his work captivated the imagination of millions and made his passion our own. Here's to you, Steve.
We will miss you with all our hearts.

P.S. Sorry that every parody ever made about you ended in your untimely death. Sadly, this one's no different.

P.S.S. Sorry it took me a week to update this after the fact. I was grieving over his death so much that I almost forgot I made this.

This is second Christmas cartoon made for my Dad (Larry.) I don't think it's as good as the first, but it's more as a homage to all the TV shows he hates. I got the idea from the South Park episode where Steve Irwin is always pissing off the animals and I thought it would be funny if he did that to my dad instead. And then all Hell broke loose.

And the story behind Bingo - my dad had this issue with keeping the rabbit's cage clean, so he always drew this crappy picture of a rabbit on the whiteboard and reminded someone to clean the cage or he'll put it on our faces while we're sleeping and let it crap on us. I named it Bingo.


it was funny

i really loved the scence where steve poked that fat guy with astick thinking he was a animal
RIP Steve Irwin

A funny memory of the crocodile hunter

This is absolutely a funny video. I hope you can make spoofs about Resident evil videos. Keep up the good work man love it!

made me laugh after the 4th time watching

never gets old, random yet funny

Good show mate

if there were a larry like that i think this flash would p*ss him off the most lol but seriously i love this


That was GREAT! I'm sure if Steve were alive and kickin' today, he'd love this! Good job!

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Apr 25, 2005
1:42 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody