Holy Cow!

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Well... front page was fun while it lasted. Just goes to show how games like these need to struggle to make it to the top. Anyways, thanks.


Fuck this, be it religious or not

I'm sorry, but I can't take this game anymore. I quit at level 9 with ~850 points. The cow moves absolutely too slow, even on "hard" mode, and only until Level 6 did I notice that each time a symbol drops, you lose 5 points. With the allowed time, and all the needy people, it's near impossible to play the game.

Oh, the game gives you an option to not lose those 5 points. You can put it back in the pipe in the upper left. But because the cow does not move directly with the mouse, it is impossible to multitask fast enough to save all the unused symbols AND drop the right ones. I also found myself clicking out of the box, having to reopen the window several times, because I wanted the damn cow to move faster. ON TOP OF ALL THIS it was laggy! Maybe I'm just spoiled now since I just played B R E A K I T, but this is really bad.

I mean the concept was good, even marvelous if you must. But I have no idea why these glaring inefficiencies were purposely used. Not a marvelous game.

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earl223 responds:

P4!! P4!!


It's marvelous games like this that reaffirm my disbelief in God. It's a fun game despite the fact that the holy cow looks more like a holy hippo. Sometimes I wish dieties would drop arbitrary shapes on my head. I wonder if God has as much fun killing people as I did in this game.

earl223 responds:

I did figured it looked more like a hippo. :D And i guess you found a way to be violent in any case. :D congrats!

holy cow...

where have i heard that before?

earl223 responds:

Holy Cow! Where?


That was fine and everything. Good graphics, good design, nice set up. I dunno. Games are just more funny when you shoot the crap out of shit i guess. I really wanted to give this a chance. But damn...at least have SOMETHING explode! Come on!

earl223 responds:

hehe.. like i've been saying, and i'm real sorry if this is not your type of game, but if you want that sorta thing, you'll just have to find it elsewhere.

Make them stop!!

This was a very fun and very addictive game. I was able to get past the seventh level with the hard unholy-cow before people were committing suicide and an incredible rate. This is a good change from the typical, unintellegent, and somewhat wearysome mediocrecy that has become typical of the Newgrounds portal. I'm very pleased to see that not the world is not doomed to only create flashes filled with the same, vast amounts of vulgarity, violence, and sex. Good Job!

earl223 responds:

Words of wisdom from the Buddha.. thanks!

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3.57 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2005
12:29 PM EDT
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