Holy Cow!

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Well... front page was fun while it lasted. Just goes to show how games like these need to struggle to make it to the top. Anyways, thanks.


goodbye world of warcraft...

awesome game you have here, this is almost better than tetris!!!!11!!!one!!! why don't you make a two player version too?

earl223 responds:

two player mode is possible... i'll see what we can do. But as of now, NG won't allow me to update the game, they still have to review the changes i make.

Great original concept.

Don't know why, but this makes me think of tetris. Relaxing, simple yet hard, sometime. The only bad thing I can see is that you get too much useless blessings and often you'll have 4 blessings and no spot to drop 'em, you should work on that. Other than that, sweet, love the cows.

earl223 responds:

Thanks. You can always drop the unneeded symbols into the Holy Seweres, they rack up extra points.

not bad

I like the concept, and it plays well, runs fine for me but it needs to be sped up. Not the gameplay to be exact, but it would be nice to drop blessings much faster, ive had quite a few people die in the last second because the blessing I aimed at them from the top of the screen, to save time didnt get there in time. Additionally there were plenty of times where people dies simply because I got 10-12 items in a row I couldnt use. It would be nice to see the way in which the next peice is selected so its more a game of speed than it is cycling through what the game gives you in hopes at least one of them will work. I know your supposed to deal with what the game gives you, but when the screen is full of people with 4 demands each and I still dont get a useful item in 10 turns, something is a bit wrong. Otherwise good game, and its nice to see someone embark on the rarely taken "non-violence" path.

earl223 responds:

Thanks for the review... i'll try to look into the speed thing, but take note that as the levels go higher, people become aggravated faster. As for the randomness of the symbols, i'm trying to figure that out.

its kinda boring

its well pretty lame and it ran too slow

earl223 responds:

It's not really your typical fast paced action game. So this is what you get... or maybe you could upgrade your processor.

Not bad

It wasn't especially entertaining but it was made very well. I could see it getting addicting after a while but it just didn't hold my attention very well.

earl223 responds:

Like i said, we all have our own interests.

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Apr 25, 2005
12:29 PM EDT
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