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Jason vs Aliens

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On friday the 13th - Every will hear you scream - Part 1. This is the first episode in what I hope to be a great series


Pretty good start for this movie...

I can't wait for the actural battle to start!

Crossover-Films responds:

I didnt want to go straight into a fight, i wanted a story behind the battle, so im building up to it

Not a bad attempt...

I think you may actually have something here. Nice direction. Your graphics could be a little better, but I think you've really got something. Also, Crystal Lake is in the US why did the park ranger have and English accent? Confused.

Crossover-Films responds:

thanks dude. graphic suck i know. im the only one doin the voices so i thought id just exaggerated his voice a bit.

Pretty Good

That would be scary as hell if a facehugger got ahold of Jason... a alien that could never die....*shivers*

Crossover-Films responds:

I was actually thinking about that but i think an alien needs a living host to grow

wow u proved me wrong

the whole time i was waiting for it to load i was thinking 2 myself "Wow this is gonna be bootleg....." but u did pretty frickin good, nice work, cant wait for the next one!!!!! :)

Crossover-Films responds:

thanks dude, i thought this was gonna get blammed straight away but im getting a mixed reponse

son of a bitch :( lol

just when it looks like things are going to pick up...to be continued... lol mother fucker (not dirrected tword the artist just a general statement of anxiaty) damn...the parts you did were stileish and somewhat nicely done ..it was british...so minus 3 points j/k i hope to see what you do with this one man good luck ...the only thing i would have done differently would have ben to make a little car dammage or something when the tree was in the way. the entire movie looked kinda like a semi old school sega game. nice sortove.

ps good amount of sounds man. i gave you a 5 in humor just becausse of the to be continued that pissed me off :)

Crossover-Films responds:

I didnt want to get straight into the fight. better to build up to it. thanx again dude

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2.76 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2005
12:05 PM EDT