Jason vs Aliens

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On friday the 13th - Every will hear you scream - Part 1. This is the first episode in what I hope to be a great series


Very good for a first flash movie!

I liked this movie. For one the animation is top draw. The story is also original, shame there isnt a scoring option for ORIGINALITY eh? The jokes that were in there were appropriately placed, few and good, which is what is expected in this type of movie.

Crossover-Films responds:

Pity there is hardly any crossovers on Newgrounds. Thats why I decided to make 1

Theres been a lot worse!

Nice animation. Everyone comments on your style of 'drawing', well, the only difference is is that Mr Sam here has abolished the use of lines, I think its a unique idea...not many people have done it. I really enjoyed watching this flash...the only query I have is...how the hell did they pass that damn log??? Please reply...thanks! Oh and bring on the next chapter!

Crossover-Films responds:

Thanks, I hate lines, lines are evil. When the warden arrived and told them to stop, he moved the log using his truck, could be arsed animating it, i just wanted people to come to their own conclusions about how they past the log. Nxt chapter coming real soon, nearly finished


looks pretty cool to me.

Crossover-Films responds:

Cheers dude


That was cool. I can't wait for part 2. Good work!

Crossover-Films responds:

cheers dude. im making it at the moment. i might add a bit of music to the first episode as well


Awsome work there and it isn't even stupid. It has a storyline and not rushed into anything. The graphics are so-so but you can't expect to to be a perfect masterpiece in that department. The park ranger having a Scottish or British accent was kind of funny and out of place. Can't wait for part two.

Crossover-Films responds:

cheers dude, it took me a while to do. I didnt think the graphic were good either. But its more the story i want to tell

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2.76 / 5.00

Apr 25, 2005
12:05 PM EDT