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I am going to provincials for my school in 2-D animation and i took a weekend off to practice. The rules are they give me a song and i have to plan and animate it in 14 hours. Its a fairly hard thing to do. I had someone else to do my backrounds in PS from scratch, but she has declined going with me. Hopefuly i can find someone to go with me.s about a turtle who got left behind after being born. Its cheesy but judges should like the story. Well Enjoy!.



you rock that was awesome the animation was good the music was great the lotr soundtrack really fit the setting i loved it

23450 responds:

hmm. suprised you caught the referance. I barely do. lol. The one shining element in this has always been the story. Always touched people more then all my others. With good reason.

Excellent Piece of Animation

That piece of animation was magnificent and the story was unbelievably good. I can't believe I am admitting this, but that moved me inside, and brought tears to my eyes. If only there were more Colin Coves making animations, instead the people who make the filth we see today. Then maybe, we would live in a better world.

All you other animators should take notes from this.

23450 responds:

Thanks alot man. I appreciate it. I figured the story would be something a provincial judge would like.

good work

That was good work given the amount of time you had to do it in.
The animation matched the music well. As the previous reviewer said, it's a nice change from the all the violent shooting games and movies that seem ubiquitous (look it up) on here.

I can imagine the opposite scenario to this one - kind of a reverse wartime beach-landing scene. :)

23450 responds:

Thanks man. I was fairly limted with ideas. Like the time limit will rule out sprt flash and like a beach landing scene, it has to many people to animate.


very good animation. its a nice break from all the sprite movies and violent shooting games and stuff like that that i normally watch. very good entertainment, and a cute storyline/concept to this one too.
good work.

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23450 responds:

Thanks. I think i will plan some more flash like this some time.


El ron be with you!
That was very wonderful flsh about a young turtle!
I loved your style to make this flash...*two thumbs UP*

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Apr 25, 2005
11:47 AM EDT
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