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=-``UPDATE''-= : this is to all the people who vote/review bad because they think that some subject doesn't work (like the "make a driving game" section). YOU did something wrong. I've tested the stuff and IT WORKS. I'm going to say it again: YOU DID SOMETHING WRONG! Not me. YOU. >:(
=-``UPDATE''-= : More than 1000 views! (for me that's alot)
Firstly: don't leave bad reviews only because it's a tutorial, that's stupid.
I've put everything I know in this here tutorial.
It includes:
>the basics of a FPS game: crosshairs, enemys, hp, points (score).
>making a Driving game
>making a Ball game
>making a cursor (that worx ;) )
>making a Dress-Up game
>making SFX
>Sound Optimising
>learning about x & y
>moving something with arrows
Hope ya like it.
-Doodah man

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umm... one question, if I may:

er should/would this work on a mac?


Although it is another copy pasty type tutorial, the content is unique. Only the fps tutorial shows some learning process, but the rest is all copy paste script.

Add stopAllSounds() to your home buttons, the music overlaps itself.


The driving game script is exactly the same as in Everything Tutorial.


I don't really need a tutorial, but heres a tip for the dressup:
Put on(release, releaseOutside) { instead of on(release) {
That way, it doesn't get stuck on drag if people crazily move the mouse then release. Just a slight bug-fix!


idont know if you dont know this but if you have flash mx, you can change the settings on the properties to flash 5.

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Apr 25, 2005
11:04 AM EDT