Trouble With Eternia

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Something's goin down in Eternia. It looks like Eternia is experiencing Earth's problems. This cartoon points out the total nonsense and quickly thrown together plot that Heman had (excluding: "Problem with Power"). Heman characters copyright Mattel. This is a parody of the show.

Relate most negative reviews to the actual show. "What was going on?" Who knows what those storyboard writers were conjuring up?


i don't know?

What teh Fucking HELL was that??, it was funny and all, but what the hell???

What it lacked in humor it made up in nostalgia.

It wasn't too funny, but The charcaters, sound, and music definitely brought back some memories.

This movie is good... if you remember heman

As a kid I used to watch some heman and I found it pretty funny thinking about what I
remembered about that show. I had nearly forgotten it existed. I'm glad that I found
this. If you have ever watched Heman, I do beleive you'll get a kick out of this one.
As for those who have no recollection of the popular eighties action cartoon, you may
find it funny due to the off-the-wallness it will provide for you. I can't see anyone who
never watched the show giving it a really high score though...

I thought this was pretty good

Nice sound samples throughout and a fairly amusing story, nice to see He-Man again. This could have used a better plot realy the only let-down is that although it is amusing I've seen much funnier

Too damn hard to understand.

I liked it a little but it was just too damn hard to understand what the hell was going on. Oh, and had there been sex I would have given you a 5.

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3.37 / 5.00

Jul 4, 2001
1:21 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody