SpriteTT#5:Legend Of Link

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Yes the long awaited Spriter's Time Trial 5 : The Legend Of Link edition!

UPDATE : 04/05/05
Well the action is over. We are off the front page with just under 100k views. so close! We updated the swf with some fixes with the text. Keep up the good reviews.

UPDATE : 26/04/05
Well, aside from our score being pwned right now, Thankyou to all our supporters that gave all four of us our first daily first. I (Xan32) will try to respond to many of the reviews. Almost guarentied if you are within the first 18.

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Its been a long time since the last round because we had about 30 people drop out, MasaAndMune and Luigi_dude12 both lost thier fla's in a tragic reformatation. A new comer Cryokenetic joined the team about 3 days ago. So we've had some setbacks but were here now, so please enjoy.

Menu by : Xanadu32
Credits by : luigi_dude12
Movies by : Cryokenetic, luigi_dude12, MasaAndMune, and Xanadu32
Preloader + game by : Xanadu32
Voted 5 by : YOU!


I'm sorry, but this just plain wasn't funny.

Not funny. That's it, it just isn't funny. I hate to be mean in reviews but if this is a parody it needs to be funny.

Xanadu32 responds:

WRONG! This was not made to be funny. This was also not made for you. We're sorry that a 14 year old punk cant get his dose of stimulation from a FREE movie. If you pay then maybe you can give your opinion. Until then, remember : Opinions are personal so keep them to yourself.

great movie

realy good movie, my favorite one ws when link brought his uncle back from the dead it had realy good graphics.

Link is my favorite VG character

The movies were great. My favorite was the preview one where Link had a voice. I gave Interactivity a 10 since you could choose what movie you wanted to see and a gave Humor a 5 because of the whole thing about going back in time and getting the Bunny Hood again. Then the guy wants to eat the chickens. HAHAHA

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10, just because Kafei was in there. xD


OMFG! The LOZ tv show! That was the WORST thing I hav EVER seen anyways it was ok but i bet all u together couldve done WAY better.

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4.23 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2005
9:53 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody