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A shameless remake of some old classics - I know it's un-original, but it was real hard to make.
- Fifty stages!

- Thanks for the tips on the bugs!
- AND thanks for the reviews guys, I'm making some notes and gonna do some changes.


There are many overdone games on NG

But IMO, Arkanoid/Breakout style games are NOT among them. I love 'em! And they're well-suited to flash, too.

You've certainly designed a good-looking and fairly good gameplay version, bugs aside. I particularly enjoy the unprecedented level of control of the paddle. Being able to tip either end upwards while "steering" means there is a VERTICAL reach to the paddle that most other games in this genre do not feature. That helps when you've got a lot of multiple balls coming down at nearly the same time. Being able to nip the first one when it's not quite all the way down by swinging the paddle to touch it ASAP... and then having enough time to move all the way across the width of the screen to narrowly rescue another ball... is quite rewarding, to say the least.

Some of the level designs were a bit boring, but on the whole I enjoyed them. You used unbreakable bricks fairly well to provide some challenge, and the bricks that have to be hit more than once added something as well. The powerups were fun but perhaps not quite as varied and wide-reaching as the original Arkanoid powerups (no equivalent of the green capsule that allows the ball to STICK to the paddle and then you choose when to release it, for instance).

I have a really old computer, but didn't notice much slow down unless there were TONS of balls on screen and/or I was firing 20+ laserbeams at once. Good job with the design. And most importantly, good job submitting another fun game to NG! We can never get enough of them. #;-}>

Now that was annoying..

I was on Stage 21, nearly had all those annoying bricks broken...
The ball dropped down and nothing happened. It didn't restart or anything, it just stayed there. I tried pausing and unpausing, nothing worked but a restart. --; 225,900. Oh well, great game anyway..it's always painful to try and get that last brick that's stuck behind a bumper. :P


Oh how I...

... remember playing DX-ball in 1998....

This is a great game!

Cool remake of an old game

Nice game, more difficulty and added speed and the gun which was cool. Only problem, where is the music? Over all, great game.

Very good

but what bother me most is that there is no background music...but it is really a good game

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4.02 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2005
4:10 AM EDT
Skill - Other
  • Daily 2nd Place April 25, 2005