WarPigs2: Powerful

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Extremely powerful

EDIT: Fixed sound loop



Strange,no storyline 3 odd movies..

TruffleClock responds:

There wasn't supposed to be a storyline..

I have a dog named jitters

my dog is named jitters and he like to jitter a lot. you would like my jitters too he is an awesome dog. my dog is awesome like that. I remember one time I was walking my dog and he came over to my friends yard and just laid a huge chunk of shit in his front yard. hahaha when my friend came out to say hi to me... he stepped on it. I was still wet where some of the shit got up to his socks. god damn that was good mr jitters!!! :DDD

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TruffleClock responds:

Flash by minja714:
- none -

You are a sick man.


i just plain dont get it

TruffleClock responds:



the last guy said: "So unfair how clocks get hated", they get hated because most clock movies (including this 1) are crap. but unfortunatly this is probabaly going to pass judgement because all the clock people just vote 5 even if the animation is cack

TruffleClock responds:

Flash by milecoolman:
- none -

You cannot kill a clock.

w00t! fucking w00000t! Five5Five5Five5Five5Five5

Brace yourselves, because I have an unhealthy affinity for Clock submissions - and I am deprived of sleep.

This is fucking fantastic! You guys made good on your word when you replied to my last review & said it was just the beginning... In my opinion, you are reviving the essence of what earlier ng users despised about clock submissions in the first place: What they believe to be pointless, getting a passing score - every time.

Bias one way or another is unavoidable - but for the longest time it has IRKED the shit out of me to see new user after new user sit and write nasty things about the clock crew, and never really understand why it is they are regurgitating the sentiment that they have observed others filling your review boards with... If this still doesnt hit you as complimentary - I simply think that this holds truer to the ideals that the Clock Crew has allegedly lacked, since the point in time when it was said to be defunct.

Keep making your collaborations, you are doing your part to restore validity to the genre. Show these legions of dupes that the Clock Crew is alive and fucking kicking.. give them a first hand lesson, as they line up, to hate it all over again.

perhaps this time, with less unoriginal thought.

Wow this is long. You have a 5 from me, everytime I have the oppurtunity to vote on these submissions. Not trying to milk any prostates here..

I just get off on seeing slews of idiots react in such a.. pavlovian manner. I love the Clock Crew for exposing one-track minds.. bandwagon thinkers.. and all the while those minds thinking thier feelings are thier own.

I should be shot for writing a review this long. Forgive me.

TruffleClock responds:

Thanks :)

But still even this is just the beginning of what is to come!



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2.65 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2005
3:36 AM EDT