Mouse Pipeline

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This is the sequel to my game Mouse Mover. The game now has better features then its predecessor with even more difficulty, hope you can survive.

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Gets fast too slowly.

how I played this

Started, went outside line out of curiousity. Played 2nd time, got to 15??, then decided to click and see what would happen. Played 3rd/4th time, experimenting with right-click to test your game.

Played again, got 2344. (first 'real' attempt)

some selected aspects

--- Unoriginal gameplay. (I've seen the exact same game multiple times before).

+++ I like the way you use these partial-opacity shapes, to show us when the direction is changing, rather than have curving walls, as some folk do.

++ Music goes reasonably well.

-- If I was to play much longer, it would probably get annoying.

---- No record of personal best.

----- Speed doesn't increase fast enough. Takes too long to get 'interesting'.

++ I like the colours


It's a reasonably well-coded game, but the few seconds we enjoy at a speed which challenges us isn't worth the amount of time spent getting to that speed.

Maybe various options or selectable starting points could help alleviate that problem?

Anyhow, it's got a bunch of nice aspects. Just wasn't fun for me.

Nice but a bit boring

Its a bot boting but it is a good idea.
On my first time i get over 2000 points the pipline could be a bit thinner,after some time....

not bad

nice game... although i've played many games similar to this one.


Very good game, but at around 2700 points it became so fast everything was totally not smooth. Maybe it's just the laptop screen.

Interesting game indeed!


Great Game, I couldn't stop playing lol, each time I would loose I would just start again lol.

Credits & Info

3.15 / 5.00

Apr 24, 2005
3:14 AM EDT
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