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Fly High

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This is a madly energetic 4 minutes of animation collabrated by 3 animators, set to the song "Fly High" by Mad Capsule Markets. The menu music is by whirlguy.

whirlguy - As you can see in the beginning of the flash, this started on msn. Wallpaperman sent me a song by mad capsule markets and we both liked it alot. We were both inspired to make a movie about it, random but good, and alot of frame by frame stuff. Wallpaperman and me started this but got out of ideas, so the random idea for a drugs deal and the tripping came in it.

The pilot needs to get his parts back after his tragic plane crash, and since his wing is broken, he needs another one. But one thing... What's with those posters?

wallpaperman - this movie took liek 3 months cuz we made half of it then couldnt be bothered, then we decided to restart it when jesse said he would join in teh fun! PATS GAY

mortalpoet - Isnt online teh give comments atm but im sure they would be along the lines of... "pats gay"

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that was sweet. the music fit perfectly. CHICKEN WINGS!!!!


so so funny.. i liked it.. CHICKEN WINGS!!!


that was pretty good I do have to admit. Congrats and I reckon it at least deserves to be at blue. Pats Gay... a production production (C) Jesse Jones... Good one wallpaperman, using my picture without my permission? Not a good idea. I would really curse you right now, but I'm better than that, so God bless you Calum :) and may you be guided to become a better person. Nice menu music Joep, quite catchy. Joep, your frame by frame is getting a lot better, and I reckon once you get the anatomy/Body perspective right, you'll perfect frame by frame, keep going I garuntee you'll only get better. Jesse, I don't know you much but I'm glad you've decided to help these guys out.

I haven't heard from you guys in a while, I thought you had given up on flash, keep going.

wallpaperman responds:

u thought we had given up on flash after 2 years? the only reason u thought that is cuz ur always sleeping goddamn you christian!


mad capsules own!

now do scary thats a 'phat' song

wallpaperman responds:

ive already done a vid to scary :P

its in a collab "For the love of NGBG" by anime_pat

Lmao... the credits. WOW!!!

That was a funny movie man, how a damn gay animal gets high, the dude gets all the money and gets a new airplane. LOL, very crazy story... I am still just laughing at the credits!

wallpaperman responds:

>.< mortalpoet made teh credits ¬.¬ im not gay