Mega Man RPG 2

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Similar to Mega Man RPG, you fight the robots from mega man 2 with better graphics, better sound, and more stragety. With 13 bosses, 10 weapons, boss weaknesses, sound effects, and 3 different difficulty settings, this game is much better.

this game is NOT impossible, and the guts man tank was meant to be the hardest guy. And again, it's not wicked easy either. On hard mode, the guts man tank is a smidget away from being impossible. I created the game and it took me about 10 maybe 15 minutes to figure out a way to kill it.
You have to memorize the order of which the attacks come in. Then you have to 'setup' the attacks so in the next battle, when you do the attacks, they all do the max damage.

hey, to a lot of reviews. This game wasn't supposed to be like an complete rpg at all. It's just supposed to be a fighting game.

dr. wily is possible to beat.

And I did fix some things such as spelling errors, the ending, music glitches, the pre-loader, and weaknesses I didn't include, thanks to reviewers.
this game doesn't lag and the sound is perfect. If you are experiencing problems with sound, then its your speakers, if you have problems with lagging, then its your computer speed. I have pentium 3 and it still works very perfectly on high quality. If it lags, then set it on low quality. It is not my doing that the explosions are too long, or too loud.

and for god's sake people, don't complain to me that this game isn't a real mega man game. For one thing, flash isn't for making a game like the orginal mega man, and im not "TOO LAZY" to make one, FOR I ALREADY HAVE! It's called mega man 2 death battle and it's available at my site.



CAN GUTS MAN TANK BE FUKIN BEATEN ON EASY LET ALONE HARD???????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!????!!!!

Pretty Good.

Make another one, only have it so you can play as Zero, too.


This is way better than the first make another.

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Well done man,well done

that was as good if not better than the dating sims on NG!

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good challenge for the strategic minds

Overall, a great game, challenging, but can be beaten after 2-3 tries
and for all the people who is dissing this game because they cant beat it, dont complain that its too hard, your just not good enough -_-
only took me 3 tries to take out that tank, just figure out its weakness, get all your skills to max (eg, boomerang does 40, then 30, then 10 to yourself), then unleash it on the tank, before you know it, you won heh, at the end i had around 4-5 bars left
cheat codes ruin every game, no point playing a game if theres cheats, defeats the whole purpose of playing
well, i enjoyed it, might go again in hard mode, andway, good luck to all players and try remember the order of attacks for each weapon, it'll make tha game a LOT easier
oh yeah, and some bosses have 100% immunities to weapons, so try allo them and see which ones actually does damage ;P

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3.86 / 5.00

Jul 3, 2001
5:16 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG