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Leave It To Bush #001

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This started as an audio-splicing experiment, and it just grew into a full cartoon. All the voices are genuine -- not impersonated. I took their actual words and rearranged them until I got the dialogue that I wanted. As far as I know, George Bush and Gary Busey have never met, but this is what I imagine their conversation would be like.

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Uh...what did I just watch? It was just the same clip of Gary Busey saying "George" over and over. I admit that the animation was really nice. Bush looks completely like an ape. That must have been the intention. It shouldn't have been an infinite loop. That usually shows laziness.

I don't understand why so many people like this. I guess it's kind of unique. Are they speaking Japanese on the intro? If it's English, it's too fast. Yeah, this is very strange.

love how you nailed it with Bush being a retard

A look back at history

One word... FUNNY.