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Super Ash Bros. Melee

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This is officially the first edition of the "Ash VS" series.
It's nice to see this is apart of the Super Smash Brothers Page. Another reason to continue being a part of Newgrounds.

BarryToon-One of the best action figure movies we ever made starring Ash. Most of the action figure movies we made have Ash in them. Tx2 and I both did Kirby's voice in this. Try and guess when it switches to TX2, I bet you wont be able to figure it out.

"That was about half past retarded," Says Mr. Edison



really, this stuff belongs in the shit section of youtube.

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TX2 responds:

Movies that make fun of video games and don't use hand drawn graphics CLEARLY have no place on newgrounds.


LOL, really funny with the giant godzilla. This is what most newground pokemon things should be. FUNNY

TX2 responds:

I'm still pushing for a pokemon collection that isn't an assassination page.

I also agree.

That ash is not the trainer. Ash has black hair and a different hat. Ash did not change his hat wither because he does not own one of the hats that the pokemon trainer has. If it was Ash, then his charizard wouldn't listen to him.


this is what people should be doing with their cameras

"I agree"

true pokemon fans ignore the show and say it doesen't exist. I totally agree, the show sucks. and yeah, i realize that ash is not the pokemon trainer in Brawl, it's Red. plus, fighting him pokemon stadium 2 is a pain in the ass.

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TX2 responds:

It's nice to know that you agree with that other reviewer, but the site has a private messaging system and forum for a reason.

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3.96 / 5.00

Apr 22, 2005
8:33 AM EDT
Comedy - Parody