GateGears Deluxe

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Gate Gears Deluze is an upgraded version of GateGears.

By the way, once you get to Level 5, the black colored gems are "Wildcards." They represent all colors available.

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hmmm....not bad but...

i ain't much as good as game puzzle...but u'd better make a little easy game for me and everyone too...so good keep it up !! :D

earl223 responds:

I think puzzle games were made hard because that's what they are... puzzles. If puzzle games were easy, then it wouldn't be considered a puzzle coz players won't use their brain. =p


it was an alright game, but it was very difficult to figure out though.

I don't like this game -_-

It was boring, but that's because i don't like these kind of games :P

earl223 responds:

My point exactly. Just hope you didn't give this game a low score just because you don't like this kind of games. :p

it was good...

but it was too hard. LoL. Or i could just be really dumb. It was interesting having to develop a new perspective on things. Usually in other games, you could pick any point between 4 balls but in this one you could only pick every other space. Brilliant concept. My eyes still haven't adjusted to this new type of puzzle game. I sort of got the hang of it. 3350 an my 3rd try biotchez! =D Just you wait til my eyes adjust... Maybe you should make extra modes? Like vs. or something =) I like this a lot though. Required tons of thinking. Good job.

earl223 responds:

To tell you the truth, i suck at design. The concept of GateGears (the turning gears) was actually suggested by my brother. Everything else in it, graphics, sounds, treatment is my concept on how GateGears should be.

I'm a developer but not a designer... so maybe if you guys can perhaps help me out by suggesting a game concept, or contributing art and stuff, then that would be great. We could form our own game making team! :D


Puzzle games are good. I haven't played one like this before.

earl223 responds:

Yeah... I like puzzle games too. Unfortunately though, most NG users don't share our sentiments... which is quite unfair because if they see a game that doesn't fit in to their interests, they give it a low score. I think newgrounds should have an an additional field when submitting movies, like a category for arcade, puzzle, rpgs, and the like, so that arcade or puzzle lovers can quickly find a game they like whcih they can vote for without bias. Anyways, thanks for the review.

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3.71 / 5.00

Apr 21, 2005
12:17 PM EDT
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