Brink Of Alienation

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I put my blood and sweat into making this game. It was a fight to get it under 5MB but I finally did it!!
This game is cool, b/c I tried to make it oldschool....kinda like something you could find on the NES in the 80's. I think it's more fun that way.
If you liked the game, view the trailer for the sequel at the end, it's sweet.

Edit: Hahaha front page!! SICK!! thank you all for the helpful reviews! I'll take everything into consideration for part II (ESPECIALLY graphics!! =) )


good game

although the level where you have to navigate through all those electrical beams was nearly impossible...I'd get hit once and dragged by the beam until my health was gone, and I couldnt move! Other than that it was great...unlimited continues would be nice.

holy shit.

so friggin ugly yet so fun. the sheer violence of this game make it fun. plus the guy you play is a fucking maniac. but dude. the music sucked balls. i liked how the gun just spewed bullets. do better.

this is a lot of fun, man.

the graphics weren't amazing but who needs 'em! as long as there's some god damn blood and guns who cares. but the cartoony graphics fit the style of the game perfectly. fucking great.

Not too shabby

Nice job dude, I like the run-n-gun gameplay even tho the graphics were...well kinda weak. I ran into a fatal glitch too, when you first board the ship where that blue shit comes out of the vent or pipe or whatever, I died there and when I tried to continue I was still dead lying on the ground bleeding with 100 health...hmmm. Anywho so I had to quit and start over, no big deal but still might want to fix that.


this game is so outragous i couldnt stop playin it

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3.87 / 5.00

Apr 20, 2005
12:19 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun