Tribute To Ma Boys

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DsB is da O-G guild you dun only heard bout' from BET. Been a lot o' fronta's lately talkin smack bout mah brothers from a dif'rent mother, an I ain'y down wit dat yo. So listen smarts j00 whiteboys, DsB gon go Suge Knight on yo cracka asses if you don' learn ta reprezent.

DsB fo' Life


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oh my various gods

I think my I.Q just dropped by 30


Sorry to (quote) "dis yo homboys" But if u wanted to patranize them this was a pathetic attempt.

Not good enough

Enough of this fuckin Gangsta shit... Im here to view ur flash not ur fuckin life on 'da streets' or watever fuck. Song was good... not bad. However, u need better sprites and more animation to it. Im not gonna judge the colour u chose fer ur guild but it does seem kinda weird.

Givin u a 2 most credited to the music...

And stop this fuckin shit... this is "Newgrounds" not sum fuckin blog or sumthin to help proclaim ur guild... Ive seen much better...

Do urself a favor and stop replying to every post... ur guts make me SICK!... do some honor for urself and take criticism since pple are judging abt ur work in the first place and not abt ur life cauz we simply DO NOT care!... geez...

If ur calling me a 'white kid' think again...


Advertising on ur terrirtory ?? What are you gonna do ? Do a driveby into my monitor ? I'm not on a street You Jackass .
And Yeah I do ..whats so bad about attending collage? maybe The fact that you can't get in cos ur so stupid?

And another thing ..whats a Crack Smoking DSB Muderfucka doing writing replies to every single person that writes a review?
Man don't you have territory to protect ? DOnt u have crack to sell?
Dont you have Girls to Pimp?
Btw I'm going to Michigan soon ...wanna meet so I smash your face in?.. or lemme guess .. You're too busy selling crack on da Streets?
Oh i forgot ur just a lame bullshiter who still lives in his mummies houses and who cant afford da fucken plane ticket.

Can't wait for ur reply.
DSB FO LIFE NIGAZZ .. whooz yooo dadddi .!?

Wat a load of shit

You sound like a white boy .
Don't Diss ur own Race ...dumbass bitch.

"GEEK Hip Hop" Sucks ..Get a life ... This aint never gonna get u laid.

Now U must have been REALLY bored to record a peice of shit like this.

Check out d convo of the site 'webtarded' now thats really funny.
Your just white trash pretending to be a nigga ..Jeez christ.

ClownORound responds:

Yo' you ain't got nuttin on this. DsB ownz j00 foo, wut this site u advertizin on mah territory. Get up off mah street whiteboy, yo' site stinks of amature suburban america. Don't yo asses got a affluent community college to be attendin?

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Apr 18, 2005
7:06 PM EDT
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