USA vs. Japan

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my voice is high im 13 yrs old, so deal with it and if you really dont like high voices, DONT WATCH!! + this is 4 minutes long, dont stop at the beginning it gets better
note: this flash is not meant to be offensive. i'm a unitarian universalist, i dont know how to be racist! so anybody who finds this offensive, its not meant to be, and you should stop taking things so seriously. i got a lot of reviews from japenese ppl and they said they liked it. most of the insults are quotes from famous officers, like "purple pissin japs"
+ its portuguese, not fucking spanish.

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I find this racist

Why this is racist 1.every japanese person has a bamboo hat from CHINA,learn the diffrence b4 u start a school project between 2 things that confuse you 2.every japanese person has yellow skin,srsly where does this yellow come from??!!?!? 3.You made pearl harbor look like a devistation look up the death toll its 2000 ppl japanese and american and last u made the nagasagi and hiroshima look like how the pearl harbor should look


niccee ;p lol the fire was funny but a little to screamish and robotic. if you were on fire would you just stand their... and what the hll is mcgriddles!!

I liked it..

..until you used the word jap, kinda racist don't you think? then a burning asian? geez. Not bad though, i doubt i could do better... in a day

suppi responds:

the word jap was used as a direct quote from an american WW2 general

Good scientific methods.

Well I really think that... YOU SHOULD PUT THE RIGHT LANGUAGE!!!! MY MOM AND I SPEAK JAPANESE! SO STOP BLAMING ALL THIS ON THEM! THEY ARE INNOCENT!!! Sorry. My inner self kinda got carried away.... Good movie! For a 13 year old kid, that is a really good voice you have. Please reply! I really like it!!!!!!!!!!! Thanks! :)

suppi responds:

i am currently replying


i found it incredibly racist as well!

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Apr 18, 2005
4:23 PM EDT
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