Roboxer 2

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Edit 2: Thanks very much to the NG crew for putting this on the front page!

Though theres a lot of people that think it's not worthy... To which I say, is it your job to decide what gets front page? nope, didnt think so. =P Also, sorry, this is the final version that was made several months ago, so it's not getting "fixed", i'm aware of the problems, and frankly i've no interest in making a Roboxer 3, i'm done with boxing games.
Edit: Hmm... the high score system doesnt appear to work right on Newgrounds... oh well, I dont have time to fix it, so if you wanna play with high scores, look for it at arcadetown.com...
For those looking forward my other game still in developement. (However few of you... heh.) I'm sorry to say this isn't it. I intended to submit this months ago, but my client who got me to do it wanted me to wait like a month after it was posted on their site to put it anywhere else, after that I got caught up in other matters and forgot.

So if you've already played this on arcadetown.com, you'll be familiar with it, if not, well, here's your chance. =)

If you don't like something about it, sorry, it was made to my clients specs, with a limited time frame to work on it.


This wasn't that enjoyable. Dang, I really do need to read the instructions first. The graphics were decent, but it was just the same stuff over and over. I appreciate you having some fairly good designs. It is, however, just the same attacks over and over. It could have just been more complicated.

It doesn't help that the guys just block so quickly. I don't think I can even block by using the arrow keys. The music was pretty suiting. It didn't seem like there was much of a way of forming a strategy or anything. Still, it's been awhile since I've played a fighting game here.

fun but not fun

it was cool in all but it played the same thing over and over but it fun. but easy.

It was OK... but a bit boring

I thought this game was ok, but it got old, fast. first off, you dont really indicate when the enemy is vulnerable, so doing damage is more a matter of mashing z or x until he gets hurt or you overheat, whichever comes first. you should also make attacks easier to dodge and enemies easier to hit. the music was good, but i would have liked to hear a different track for each level. I got to level 4, WAY to hard to his the boss, he ALWAYS BLOCKS!!! and what is the glitck u mentioned? I never found it.


Not that bad! I've seen better, but this is pretty entertaining for a few good

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really crap, most boring game i've played in ages. you can't really vary your attacks or anything. mind numbing.

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3.34 / 5.00

Apr 18, 2005
12:39 AM EDT
Sports - Boxing