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Once you watch this and are dissapointed that it won't be animated - Go here. http://www.deviantart.co

An old flash I did for college about a year ago. I did this long before I did "I Won't Forget"

It's called Final Mix becasue this is a slightly updated version to the original. And it's just somthing to add to my NG "animation" folio. Please be gental on reviews, I hope you like it.


With the resent reviews on this - might acctuly do somthing with this idea. But, it'll take a while to write up some material.
(Click the "READ POST PRODUCTION NOTE" text to read it.)

I promise I will submit somthing with more Frame by Frame animation in it soon.


its awesome

its awesome i hope they make more

a hoot

All that suspense for nothing. You blue balled us! Funny, and good graphics

You Sir, are a meanie.

Only a being of pure Evil would submit something as great as this, and then not plan on finishing it. I seriously hope you get over your writers block and come up with some good ideas, as I am afraid the people of Newgrounds do not like being teased and would likely rip you apart if you don't make a movie out of this kickass trailer.

In all seriousness it is one of the best trailers I have seen in a long time and I sincerely hope you reconsider not making it into a movie.

NOOOO! It was so good!

That would ROCK as an animation!
I graded it good, but gave it an overall 2, becaus eyou should animate it!! ^_^


yo dude. a lil opinion of mine man! animate this bizatch or else...well or else dude. JUST ANIMATE IT! it looks freaking gud! every1 says so(even though we r all reatards...) so WAT ANIMATE OR ILL EAT THE WHOLE WORLD CRUSHING U IN IT...this isnt a death threat...dont get the cops involved...AH. ANIAMTE!...*termination of transition of crap(R)*

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3.52 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2005
10:58 PM EDT