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I'd like to thank everyone for the front page, the positive reviews, the Daily Feature award, and more than 50,000 views. It really means a lot to me.

I'm using a song from my own album, "Pixel Vision" and this is the music video for it. It's staring Lace as the rocket powered little girl who fights against the evil Anti-Alias for the protection and clarity of pixels. I hope you enjoy.



Much better than the other crap that's been on the front page lately. Keep up the good work.

Not Bad, Pretty Good Animation

Though the plot was simple, the animation was excellent. The author deffienantly did his or her homeowork before puttin this together. The music had a bit of a catch to it. The only recommendation would be movie length. It was a tad short.


it would be better if this was a actually game or had was some artist singing.
You obvious ripped off the video game character, viewtiful joe.
Even your slogan from your website "proto a go go" is a rippoff from viewtiful joe's slogan.

stupi kinda

(yeah that typo was on purpouse) Oddly remided me of these stupid commercials that are for personal motivation/healthy lifestyle/excersize/WTF

Should have tweened it

The fact that you didn't use tweens with this sort of animation just proves your inefficiency to apply proper animation techniques (style=2). If you want your future employer to see you've put a lot into something, create a series of animation where the camera moves around the character, thus creating more depth and allowing you to truly take advantage of frame-by-frame animation.

You've put together a very fast-paced and exciting piece here though... i'll give you an above-avergae 7 out of 10. Cheers.

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3.97 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2005
4:26 PM EDT
Music Video