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I'd like to thank everyone for the front page, the positive reviews, the Daily Feature award, and more than 50,000 views. It really means a lot to me.

I'm using a song from my own album, "Pixel Vision" and this is the music video for it. It's staring Lace as the rocket powered little girl who fights against the evil Anti-Alias for the protection and clarity of pixels. I hope you enjoy.



very cool animation liked it ^^

Nicely done!

A very nicely done flash!

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good work

good but you need like punch noise and longer but besides that good

Fun to watch, doesn't get old fast.

I rather enjoyed this submission, we should bring back some old school side scrollin' larger than life enemy busting with colored beams and other 16 bit graphic goodness... goodness. Hehe. The music was very well done, as far as the combination and use of the scales, and the rare non-annoying low bit music. Yet another example to these video game newbies that MIDI rocked in their day. ^_^ A very cute animation too.

Another thing I'd like to point out, due to the fact that alot, if not all but a scant few, on Newgrounds (or anywhere really) are Flash experts (you know, Action Script? It's that 18000 lines of coding goodness that makes Flash shine its brightest =D ).

Well, what I wanted to point out for your future reference is that tweening is done by converting a bunch of graphics to a symbol and putting each symbol on a seperate layer, creating a seperate tween for each to avoid those sloppy and just bad practices of library tweens. The main reason for doing this is a *very* large reduction in file size. So, not only would it have saved you time, regarding the amount in this animation that could have been tweened, I'd venture a guess that this file is about 10-20x the size it could have been.

But yes, fun to watch movie.

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First of all, that kicked ass. Secondly.... WHAT THE HELL!? The last review I read said " If it was invicible, whi culd I si it? "

WELL! IT WAS INVISIBLE, NOT INVISIBLE, DUMBASS! ... sorry... But that was just stupid.

raybobindustriesinc responds:

Once again, don't confuse the two with spelling errors.

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Apr 17, 2005
4:26 PM EDT
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