Kronik Vs. Final Fantasy

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About them damn emails and hate crap.
Damnit I got a slew of hate emails today about FF bashing, big deal but just to make it clear.
Hopefully FF fans like myself can understand that.

Whoa, Front Page thanks to all for the reviews and votes.
*Note Glitch and Bug information is later on in description, it should hopefully explain what is going on*

Well another addition to the Kronik Vs. Series.
This game is a large RPG with all the elements needed for it to work. The game takes place after Kronik Vs. Crono and sets you into a journey of saving the world and finding a pack of cigs.

I hope you enjoy this game it took a long time to make and is spectacular imo.

If you love RPG's you'll proboly love this game all the instructions are in the loading screen.

Have fun and enjoy.

*About The Bugs*
Recently I have noticed some people are experiancing various walk out bugs and otherwise.

The game was mainly tested on macs and these bugs where not present during tests. But it seems more prevelent on faster computers.
So to be safe stay away from the bottom in "Sector 7 Trainyard", "To Sector 7", "Sector 7 Mall", I've reuploaded it with alot of attempts to fix the bugs yet to some it still lingers.

About cut off text: Some are also expressing text is being cut off in some scenes. I myself have not experianced this and yet I still cant fix this, it looks perfect on my mac, sorry for that.
I'll post a full script in some time


good game..

its a good game.. beat sephirot at lvl 38 btw ^^

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the gratest rpg evr dude make more plz

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beat my cahlenges

bad hero-beat the game before lev 40
god-beat game after level 100
unlocked potental-unlock final weapon and armor
closed potental-beat the game without final armor and weapon
chatty-talk to every guy[girl] in the game
loner-dont talk to anyone ecept bosses cuz you have to
mage-only use mana attacks
fighter-only use despair and attack
stradegic-use only extra and despair
wimp-dont fight ANY NORMAL MONSTERS
wreckless-kill all type of monster 10 times
sepertioths mom-beat 5 of my chalenges
sepertioths dad-beat all my challenges


That's an awesome game, and not too short for a flash game.
But of course a longer one would be the best.
Anyway, that was hard working's fruits !
(ps: I killed Sephiroth in lvl50)


LOL his world the other world well.... kinda went boom..... anyway 9/10 pretty awasome

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3.78 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2005
3:17 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG