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Author Comments

I havent posted anything for a while and I took up media studies at school and this is my coursework I decided not to fallow the crowd and do a crappy magazine or film so I remembered I could use flash even tho i was pretty poor at it so i thiort ill make a cartoon! hopefully it will get me a good grade my exam will let me down tho im so dam lazy! REVIEWS ARE MUCH APPRECIATED AS THEY WILL BE PRINTED OUT AND HANDED IN AS MY EVALUATION thankyou


It was ok, but flawed...

The biggest issue that seemed to bother me was the awkward leg movements of the main character. He seemed stiff and blocky when he moved. Also, the grass and sky were very simplistic and took away from the overall art style of the movie. The final fight scene with the cut scenes and still images didn't seem to fit with the ongoing action of the rest of the movie.
Onto the positives, the 'x-ray' scene with the gun firing was a nice touch that I don't remember seeing in a flash before. Another first was the use of criminals on a scooter or Vespa or whatever the hell it was supposed to be. Who would have thought of punks causing trouble at 15mph? Overall, it had potential but it was bland and boring at major points in the movie. Still a decent effort though, but some of the action has been over used.



That was pretty good! Very original, and very humours. The graphics could use just a little work, but overall it was smooth and good looking. One quick note, in the middle of the movie, right before we go to top down view on the cop car, (while we are still looking at the cars right side profile) the word "Police" is backwards and upside down. :) Maybe it's intentional, but just thought I would point that out.

Pure Class,Can you send him to clean up my Area :p

LMFAO,that was amazing,please make a game, Chav Killer, That was pure Class


Graphics: The bodies are not drawn very well. But everything else was pretty good.

Style: Meh, nothing too original. A guy goes into a town and starts to randomly kill people. And at the end, if he had the laser at his disposal, then why would he have to kill them by himself?

Sound: Should use more sound effects and the song just doesn't fit all of the scenes.

Interactivity: The features button in the menu doesn't work.

On the pills in the beginning it says subscription, shouldn't it be prescription? Also, spelled extremely wrong, used the wrong version of there, and there was improper grammar all in the Star Wars type intro. I would think that if it were for a class, that you would at least pay attention to the spelling and grammar since it looked like you worked hard on this. Aside from that, it was a good effort.

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i voted five.

because i hate chavs. and i live up north too. i might see you around, although i wont.

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Credits & Info

3.35 / 5.00

Apr 17, 2005
1:14 PM EDT
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