White ep1

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The start of a series that explores death and the after life

it seems a lot of people want to see ep 2
it will be within the next two weeks so stay tuned might even be before then my diarys pretty much empty

getting pretty board of people going on about the spelling 1/its meant to be wrong it shows he not in a thinking state 2/ if you were going to write a suicide note would you bother with grammar



I'm a great fan of morbid stuff. This is really great for episode 1. Keep up the good work.

White ep1

Hmm... Not much to say... it was... Ok...


well to tell you the truth reminds me of those hollywood movies you watch about life after death.
wel overall and this my opinion I think it could more effects in the animation like when eh shot the gun you gave like a flash of light the bang was good but light could've give it more meaning to the seriousness of the letter he was writing. and should made a big flash of light after he pull the trigger.
what i'm saying is that it could more effects action in this type of thing is not really needed but this is just ep .01 so i'l just wait to see what happens.

shut the fuck up.

im so sick and tired you lame ass goth fucks who think life sucks and you have to perform some act of violence. what a bunch of pussies. no, its not the music, or some game, its just a bunch of chicken ass pussies who are too afriad to make a change in thier life. fuck you, and fuck that jeff weiss kid. your all a bunch of weak ass indiduals.

Frogcloset responds:

hey fuck you right back you piece of shit im sick of people that rufuse to belive that there are many differnt types of people out there all free to have there own personal views maybe in your utopia everyone is as moronic as you but this is the real world and if you dont accept other peoples views and opinions you might aswell just get fucked


I suppose that it is easy to be sarcastic about a persons view of murder/suicide, which can make a flash like this easy to mock. However, I felt something genuine in your flash and it made me sit back and consider it before I judged too quickly. I think that Quietmessenger144 said it best when he described the frailty of life and how episotic it is. --"Because that's all life is sister, a series of moments" -Dogma. The thing I don't like, is isntead of voicing this thought provoking opinion, he simply kills himself. But it's a series, I'll be interested to see where you go with it, nice work.

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Apr 17, 2005
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