PICONJO: The Epic Kiss 21

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Darkness come and darkness stay
fog over the moon
with you my heart ever stay



Ha that was funny stuff. I heard that you and SickSexFiend are the same person though. Does that mean that I'm actually reviewing SickSexFiend? Whatever, these are funny and I'm glad they always pass judgement. All you haters can STFU

Once Again...

...people see "Piconjo!" and automatically vote with a negative bias. And, once again, the depth of the Piconjo camp comes through loud and clear. This is a very simple flash, yes. Does that automatically disqualify it as a decent work? Not in the slightest.

As intended, it is a more emotional piece than most. I can dig that. There are very few people who actually put themselves out there like this, as Piconjo has done. He, unlike the vast majority of us, has some balls, and is not afraid to say what is on his mind or his heart. That he is willing to offer something of a more personal nature to us is completely awesome, and even without knowing the extent of the relationship between himself and SickSexFiend, I'm encouraged by a positive emotional being displayed and broadcast.

That is, sadly, a rare thing.

In terms of its presentation, the art is well-thought out and carefully selected. Whether or not it has any relevence to the author is up to him and the intended recipient, but what was displayed was indeed above-average. The same can be said for the musical selection. Even lyrical focus broke away from the advent of the kiss itself. Intended or no, it made its point.

There is plenty of redeeming quality to be found in Piconjo works. It saddens me that so many are quick to blam based upon his views versus Legendary Frog...views which have a bit more validity than most people are aware of.

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There was hebrew on the gravestones...

Is Piconjo Jewish?

Piconjo,I really miss your slower kisses and that song I really liked when I first heard it.But this is good enough.

It worked once, will it work again...

I don't know what you are tring to do with this but it sure is annoying!

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Apr 16, 2005
5:27 PM EDT