Janis and Joyce

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This is recreation of the blammed series "Janis and Joyce". It's kinda David Firthish I guess but I wasn't inspired by him, and I didn't copy him.


Kinda cool...

This was pretty funny... I liked the way she kept carrying on her normal business despite having to carry a corpse.

I think you should make more of these, but nest time, you should "stream" the vocal parts... That way you can tell which frame is making each sound, and it's easier to match up the mouth movements...

Gi-go responds:

Yeah, it was matched up perfectly (took forever) but then when it came on the internet it was all screwed up, kinda disapointing but I cant stream it cause I used 18 scenes and it would be cut off.


I didn't really enkoy it sorry.


kinda confusing but funny which means it belongs! OOOOOOOOOOOOO belongs.......belongs........OK yeah its good.

You idiots

The other reviewers of this flash probably didn't read the title. It's JANIS and Joyce. Janis is not usually a guy's name. That was supposed to be a girl. I think you drew her really badly though, so you threw off the whole concept and threw off everybody watching it. The voice was funny at least.

Nice to see you made this

I suggested that the author make one mega episode of the always-blammed series Janis and Joyce, and it appears you have done it for him. For that I applaud you. However this animation does not keep with the themes and humor of the original as well as I'd hoped. They're way to skeleton like and creepy, when I think the original author was probably going for a more realistic look at old ladies. His voices were spot on in that respect, and I'd still look forward to a flash that had animation and art that was spot on to the whole old lady thing as well.

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Apr 15, 2005
10:13 PM EDT
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