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Vengeance DVD

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Total frames: 9,686. Runtime: 10 minutes.

*SOUND BUG* If you encounter the problem with the menu music not ending, close and reopen the browser window.

Vengeance is the product of over three months of effort. It features six action-packed scenes with a fully navigational DVD menu. Check below for a complete plot synopsis.

UPDATE: Thank-you for the support, frontpage, and daily feature. Instead of responding to your comments regarding supposed plot defects one-by-one, I will simply point you in the direction of http://www.newgrounds.co
5. You can join in the debate there and leave comments in reviews if you wish.

I also feel it prudent to point out that what you see in this movie are six independent scenes from this war. So, basically, the lack of showing the 300,000,000 man Chinese army is not a plot defect and was left out purposely.

----------Plot Synopsis----------

Vengeance is a tale of epic war between the US and China pulled straight from today's headlines. In the year 2008, facing a Taiwanese independence uprising, China sends its military forces to restore order. US forces move to intercept in the Taiwan Strait, and after a short stand off, Chinese forces open fire and quickly swarm and consume the US fleet. Realizing a rare opportunity of dominance in Asia, China siezes it by sending ground forces into North Korea and preparing to attack its other neighbors.

Soon afterward, US naval reinforcements arrive with a full complement of air forces. After a lengthy air and sea battle, the Chinese forces are rebuffed and the US stands as the clear victor, saving Taiwan and its neighbors.

Faced with embarrassment and heavy fighting as a newly born US-led coalition ravage the Chinese military and move toward Beijing, Chinese leaders quickly shed their timidness and risk eveyrthing by using their most powerful arsenal. After losing all of their tactical missile sites and most of their air force, China sends a lone Tu-22 bomber pilot, along with fighter support, from the Chinese mainland for a daring cross-European-Atlantic mission. After encountering US fighter intercepts above Paris, an air burst is used to destroy the American fighters and feign destruction of the Chinese bomber. After a night of flying, the Tu-22 safely arrives in New York City, New York and executes a nuclear attack on the unsuspecting city.

In a vengeful rage, US bombers cover every square inch of China in nuclear sludge and they all live happily ever after.

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i wanna buy that rocket or whatever

Good music

Raiden warrior holy cow how did you get that from this flash

A Tear Jerker

I'm a Taiwanese, and I am very angry and sad in watching this video...
Whoever wins, we lose. This video shows the relentless brutality of both the Chinese and the U.S. governments. In other words, both sides are evil, and they both lust for power, no matter which side wins, the worst losers are the people of China, Taiwan, and even the United States, who fall victim to the selfish, greedy politicians who play with and mock the lives of honest, peaceful people around every corner of the world.
When I see the Taiwanese people die under the cruel siege by the China government, I cried. When I see the Americans die of the vicious Chinese nuclear attack, I cried. When I see the Chinese people die of the lunatic American nuclear REVENGE... I cried... All of those civilian casualties are peaceful people who do not deserve anything horrible done by the politicos like this. The song "What A Wonderful World" and the plot line "they all live happily ever after" together serve as an irony to the terrible ending that could happen to all of us...
The world we live in today is under the false peace created with the threat of mutual destruction by the global superpowers; the nuclear weapons signify the ultimate lust, greed, and vengeance of evil by every single powerful people. Albert Einstein also said that peace cannot be achieved by force, and that it can only be achieved through understanding. To me, so long as people are brave enough to rise up and power the love and truth, the government power of hate and lies will not be able to do anything to them no matter how powerful it seems.
Watching this flash animation short made me want to listen to Imagine and Happy Xmas by John Lennon again...


y people are hating on this video. it is awsome and thanks man this video is really good


The music was aptly chosen for each scene, the animation was flawless, the plot, even if somewhat implausible, is quite a real fate, if violence continues to be the main means of communication on this planet. Above all, this is an excellent piece. Bravo.

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3.74 / 5.00

Apr 15, 2005
1:34 AM EDT