The Sigworminator 6000

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Ever wanted to create your own Worms character? Well now you can, with the Sigworminator 6000! Simply drag and drop the objects onto the blank worm. Sorry about there being no preloader... i'm just slightly fat and lazy... :p

'Worms' is Copyright Team 17 Software Ltd.

Various props are copyright Team 17 Forum Members.

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Is so cool

BAD. But add any extras. Like the share to Newgrounds, new stuff, and more.
But not bad and BAD!

im made it a shemale hippie

i love thiz zo much i lik th muzic also i made sonic the hedgehog in thiz!

Wow lots of items with this one.

Now heres a dress-up with lots of "ITEMS" theres just a supper large amount and so much variaty and thats what i look for in a dress-up game so props to you on the variatys of stuff but it does need some "ANIMATED" ones wich is something it really lacked but the variaty was very nice to have, The music was pretty good aswell, so nice job there, The creativity on this was pretty impressive, Love this dress up it has everything large view screen, music lots of items, just needs some good animated stuff, maybe adding that on an upgrade will be an option for next time. And now that i think about it there should be some "BACKROUNDS" but anyways keep up the good work, So with all that said, this was pretty decent, allthough it could use more stuff and such, also suggested below, it was still pretty good just needs a tad more effort but it will pay off just keep working on it, and always do what is fun to you because that will make for a good flash so anyways keep up the awsome work, creativity is your friend.

So i will start off this part with a few ideas and suggestions that could make it much better and overall bringing more viewers too seeing your content. I really like these games, have had alot of fun creating differant stuff, but with this one the backrounds were too plain and could use some better graphics, more design to them, maybe you could even have a few backrounds that change up every once in awhile.

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4.10 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2005
8:01 PM EDT
Gadgets - Dress Up