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A game in which you control a little white square which has to reach the littler grey one. Each time it does that, however, a new little white circle appears moving horizontally or vertically, and if our little white square touches one of those the game is over. And that is a Bad Thing.

Sizer mode is the same, but you get bigger each time you get a circle. Survival mode is basically the reverse of normal: your score is in seconds (each second or so an obstacle is created) and each time you get the target one of the obstacles goes away. Two Player mode is cooperative, trying to score as many points together as possible. Two Player VS mode is, inevitably, antagonistic and each must get a higher score than the other.




Solid short game

Really simple to play, decent original concept. Not one of my favourites, but worth looking at, with some useful replay value.

Nice game... not dark enough.

I had troubles seing those treacherous white dots. Its a fun game and all. Some nice theme music would make it great.


You are a grey square who's only two goals are to touch white squares and not get caught up in lines. A very simple game about a couple of squares and lines, but it keeps you entertained to no end. I personally played about 20 different times, with my highest score at 16 and average of about 11. Each box had a hint of shading and that is all it needed for me, as it meshed well with the plain lines. All of the motions were quite fluid considering that they were just lines. Maybe a long music loop or sound effects would help out, but the file size is fine were it is now.


This is stolen

Wait...it's actually just a clone...but I have seen it before though I thought..hmmm...better watch yourself man...1 thumb up d('.') since it's is fun and this is pretty good...better version then some of the other ones I've seen floating around with the modes and all. Better wit music though...

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3.38 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2005
1:58 PM EDT
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