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"Gleek" is my first animation submitted to Newgrounds. This animation was done a while ago and contains two of my favorite characters that I created in the past: Calix Hellix, and Joe. I have recently revamped this animation specifically for Newgrounds. I hope you all enjoy. Expect more to come.



hahahaha wow... that touched me deep being a fellow gleeker. great work that made me laugh from way down deep. The simplicity was brilliant. Great work.

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ChrisMayo responds:

Glad you're a fellow gleeker like myself and glad you got a kick out of the aniamtion! Thanks for reviewing.

Liked it!

Technically, it was a good crisp flash. I liked it. The ending seemed a bit abrupt, but thats alright.

Wasn't Gleek the pet monkey of the Wonder Twins? Just curious. When I clicked on this in the portal I thought that the flash was going to be about him. Eh, anyways.

Good job.

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ChrisMayo responds:

Not sure what Wonder Twins is, or if the character is named "Gleek". The term gleek is what the character (Calix Hellix) in this animation is doing. I don't know if it is an actual word, but it works for the action. Even though you were expecting something else, I’m glad you liked the animation. Thanks for reviewing!

1- COOL Characters!

Hello there ...

3 good things ...
1- COOL Characters!
2- I liked the jokes
3- Nice Animation, and cool backdrops ...
3 bad things ...
1- The ending, kind of disappeared. Maybe a fade out ... ?
2- Your email is not linkable at the end
3- Maybe a little background music could have helped carry it a bit

'The Pumpkin Plague'

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ChrisMayo responds:

Initially, the ending was supposed to be abrupt. After the spit hits Calix Hellix's face and he blinks and we hear the blink sound, I cut to black. I took that out for the end credit so the background matched, and lost the effect. I should have added a fade or something equivalent. I never thought of making the email linkable. It’s a good idea, next time. I definitely agree that background music would have worked. I wanted to use some, but I didn’t want to use copyrighted music, and I don’t know where to find royalty-free cartoony music. Any suggestions? I’m glad you liked the animation, and thanks for the constructive criticism. I agree. Thanks for reviewing.


I thought it was funny because I know how nasty gleeking is

ChrisMayo responds:

HEHE. Thanks! :) Glad you liked it!

About the blinking...

they were so ANNOYING! Graphics were okay, although the flash itself kinda fell on its face.

ChrisMayo responds:

I disagree. I used the blinking sounds because I love cartoony sound effects. I don’t think they annoy, I think they add to the charm of the characters. I don’t really understand what you mean by "the flash itself kinda fell on its face." What face did the flash figuratively fall on? I’m all for constructive criticism, but I would have liked you to elaborate so I could possibly improve on my next animation. Regardless thanks for reviewing.

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3.22 / 5.00

Apr 14, 2005
1:33 AM EDT
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