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In this episode, Mike and Satan finally beat the dookie out of eachother.

Note: This is the part of the series where my OBVIOUS dragonball z obsession comes to light. I tried to make it both a parody and homage.

Also, I had to make a few quality cuts to get this mother under 5MB. For a better quality version go to www.erikthejuiceman.com



I'm a long time fan of the series, and I really gotta hand it to ya, your style has evolved so well over the series, I really noticed it when I went back and watched a few of the earlier episodes.

As for the anatomy, especially compared to the eariler episodes, I'm really impressed. Despite the simplicity of the models, there's plenty of times when they animate incredibly realistically (Satan staggering to his feet really stood out), and just seem to look 'right.'

As always, great voicing, humor, the usual. I'll be looking forward to the final episode.

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Gobolatula responds:

Finally, indeed! Thanks a lot for watching this series, man. It feels really good when people point out style shit that's changed from episode to episode.

I'll try my damn hardest to make Episode 8 a killer ending. But fist I need beer.

nice job

oh yeah this years on ur site sure pay

man what a great series!

man when i watch the frist part, i was hook.
before i knew it , i watched all the parts. this
was the coolest series i ever seen. this should
get it own section on ng. great job overall!
oh yeah nice attack big f#cking beam. lmao!
and uh please make part 8. please

Gobolatula responds:

Thank you very much. I'm currently working on episode 8 and I should hopefully have it finished in a couple months.

Whoah, hard to say, john

Dude all your stuff is just so random and so badly made, but its obvious you do that on purpose, because you definitely have skillz.
toward the end these things have gotten really good. i really think you should continue making more and more of these, aside from the mike saga. you are definitely a genius and tho i like it a lot, your strips are getting tooooo old. they are long to load and to many of them. im way behind. regardless, 4 BILLION small appendages straight up. you are a total bro. and that is a complement. only the best get called bros. keep up the good work.

_Weinhaus (yeah from the forums)

John Perazza is a Great Script Writer

While the series does create memorable characters, and whacky scenarios, it doesn't really develop from the original quirks even in episode 1. There were some problems, and by episode 5 John Perazza got the formula down right. The quality of the post ep. 5 will be the same and wont improve, be wont deprove, now that he has become a rather skilled script writer. Kudos.

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Apr 13, 2005
3:28 AM EDT