Dark Red Riding Hood

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hi everyone! I love this site because people tell me exactly what's wrong with my animations and what's good, you reviewers are great. Anyway, I challenged myself by doing an animation entirely (except for a small potion at the end) in the red palette. It's was fun to think of inventive ways to symbolize things that are normally different colours. Anyway, I heard this song and I thought of the most cruel, evil version of Little Red Riding Hood I could muster to draw. There's lots of blood. I've never been too good at blood, but my dark animation style is more suggestive then detailed, so I hope you guys like it!

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my favorite musical flash

so far this is my favorit all music flash on ng....pluss i love the red rideing hood story

loved it

yo sorry for the nine i love every thing red ridding hood it just could have ran smother thats it the music perfect like better then perfect beyond god like

I give it a 7 and this is why...

First: I so was a sucker for the music :3
Second: I understood the dark tone it had, do not feed the monster because it may feed on you, haha :D
Third: I know myself that its hard to animate with flash, also some of the scenes I really liked, riding hoods hood was nicelt done ^_^
Fourth: I love the color red, its mt favorite color.
Sorry if my review sucked XD


i dont really get the point of this one sorry

She likes the wolf?

How the heck did she like the wolf and the wolf likes her? That wolf just ate someone I think...

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3.38 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2005
10:34 PM EDT
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