Raptor Situations

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I did this about a year ago for school, i decided to put it up before i start hating on it. Its a short action toon that was fun to make and i could make another if it is appreciated.

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you cant kill a raptor!!

MY BRETHEREN NO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A have a bad tast in my mouth

That was stupid. A video of sum hillbilly like steryo tipe shoting randum raptors.Fine, Ive seen it meny times before dont upresheat it but fine.BUT him Jummping on a raptor ,rides um for a bit the shoots um in the back of the head.WTF!this is F mutereol. I have a frend could RaptoR he wudint upresheat this one bit. Dusine(Same as Graphics : bad (Raptors with Green hear and a lorg mittel toe!!!).Style: stupid.Sound: at lest it had some.Violence: lots but dusent mator.Interactivity: Its a Movie.Humor: death isint funny (and if you think it is please report your self to the police).Overall:
Trashie insensitiv garbage Crap as you will I made my point.

yer a weird one man.

you are an odd duck, y'know that? haha, but man, i guess that helps..i didnt know what was oin on and I liked it....ride the dino......ride it....TO FREEDOM!!!!!!!


Ya gotta watch out for them cajun swamp dinos, but you bitch-slap 'em hard enough & they'll fall into line! Funny stuff!

lol kool

im sure your teacher loved this animation lol, i liked the part where the guy smacked the dino in the face lol

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3.69 / 5.00

Apr 12, 2005
5:31 AM EDT
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