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lol ok first off you may want to add a {STOP-ACTION-CODE} as soon as you press play from the preloader button it just keeps going and its just a short animation, and didnt much sense, the animating of it is kind of good, but other then that it just keeps looping so you may want add the stop action code, you should also add a play and replay buttons for extra measure, so with these types of flashes since they are so short you should think about adding more to them more of a {STORY} and if not that then add other shorts kind of like in a {COLAB} and such and make it a more vriaty based of tunes, but other then that it was ok random and funny, so for improving add a stop action code, and some play buttons and add abit more to it like more of a story, anyways better luck next time.

Add a stop-Action code, it will stop the looping of the flash, aswell ad some play and replay buttons. some more depth and story would be a plus aswell, it can only make it much better and more enjoyble for all, A short animation you have here, maybe abit too short i would say to improve on the flash as a whole either make this one longer with much more content or, add more shorts in here such as about 3-5 short short animatins that way it doesnt seem like a waste of one flash space and also you get more viewing for alot of your work instead of just one piece, anyways good luck.

A random yet funny short toon


I remember seeing this years ago...

I don't know why. I think it's because it was the first time I ever heard the "fart in your general direction" thing.


rediculous and very short but amusing in it's own right, drawings are okay, but animation is so random.nice work though, it's definitely unique.

kind of fun

i like pointless cartoons!

Eh? A thumb says some stuff and blows up

That needed a lot of work, the voice was way too squeaky and you couldn't make out what was being said at all, it didn't seem like a good idea though, it was just a most totally random 10 second movie.

Credits & Info

3.10 / 5.00

Jun 17, 2000
12:53 PM EDT