Review: Alien vs Predator

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The first in what I hope to become a reoccurring little series, Senya gives her opinion on today’s cinema. The first part is on "Alien vs. Predator," The long awaited sequel that under whelmed audiences last year. (So I’m 9 months late… so what!?)

It’s not terribly long, but it doesn’t need to be. I also included a Legendary Tale from my website called "Public Service Announcement!"

Chris Boe, who did the bulk of the animation, has this to say:

"I'd like to thank all the chicken wings that kept me full during the production of this cartoon. You will be missed"

*Flash Movie # 15*



I agree that AvP wasn't exactly a great movie, but I am a fan of the Alien franchise. However, this wasn't the best representation of the movie. There were some parts in the movie that were "actiony" and sometimes it was revolved around the war. All in all, it was alright :|

You are right

that movie bit my ball bag. Your flash was pretty good, but not as funny as it could have been. Even though it was light and somewhat comical i think you could have really went off on that piece of trash flick. But hey maybe thats just me.

i love AVP

I love AVP and for a movie that bagged it out a bit i like it

Nice try

This seemed to try to pull off of X-play a little bit, which is good. but it really lacked the humour that ur known for. and like you already acknowledged this is way late. it was pretty funny but not hillarious

Not exactly gut-busting, but worth the time.

Look, there's plenty of flash out there by animators who don't seem to have mastered the deep and secret mysteries of adobe photoshop's cut and paste features. This is decently animated, well voiced, and if it isn't hilarious or deep, it does have some chuckles and makes its point about the movie. You could do a lot worse. In fact, you wouldn't have to look very far on this site to find it.

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3.80 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2005
9:02 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody