Nightmares 2 -Winter

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Fixed up blood it looks more decent,thanks to the people who mentioned it.

This is the second part to Nightmares, a movie i made ages ago.
I hope you like The second part. :)

*Fun facts*
Goes a bit over 5 mins

If the movie lags change your settings to med or low.

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That was so sad and inspiring, I feel her pain. If she wanted to kill herself to meet up with her parents, the one thing she could've done to make thing better was kill TailsClock, to get revenge. Awesome movie.


i really like this one.even though that was a sad flash it was still good. the lie,the flash back, the choice. that was the greatest sad flash i've ever seen.

keep up the good work tobaccoclock! ;)

a vast improvement

I remember reviewing the first nightmare a while back, and you have progressed greatly in your skills with flash. Art and animation have become much better, although there is always room to improve. Try using a mixture of gradients and shading to give objects a bit of depth. Plotwise, it was kind of depressing throughout the whole thing, pretty pessimistic. 8-ball's note kind of ended abruptly, but it did give a reason for strawberry's murder. Glad you didn't turn it into a revenge flash, but into suicide. Still, it wasn't a bad piece, and I'm glad to see you've improved. Keep up the good work.

NOTE: This might make you cry a little.

That was so sad. It made me cry a little! Your getting a 10 out of 5! Good Job!

Poor TobaccoClock =(

Well done, what more can i say?


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4.28 / 5.00

Apr 11, 2005
1:23 PM EDT