The Pac-Attack

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this movie is in my oppinion, the best movie made by Iron fist productions. I read all of the reviews for my other movies and took some advice on making my movie longer and better animation quality that my other ones. this movie is like a side movie in the killer pac series and if you like pac-man then you probably like this movie, and even if u dont like pac-man, you still might like it. p.s. it gets better as it goes, so make sure to watch all of it, enjoy!



Man, That was great. I was thinking about a parody like that but not as messed up. I am still blown away, Funny like Miss Dynamite as messed up as a David Firth. This cartoon was good, with almost everything. Make a dig dug type one.

Cool, nice idea!

I really enjoyed this man! Congrats to Iron Fist productions for a great flash movie. I liked the style your graphics had, kind of cartoony but still smooth, a good combination. The song was good, but there could have been some better choicesto fit the movie's style and mood. Ive never seen pac-man so enraged! I laughed when he came back from the dead.

Good job to every one who had a part in making this. Congrats to you all! 4/5


OMGZ! PACMAN+LINKEN PARK+VILINZ+A LIL ANIMASHUN= AMAZING FLASH MUVIE! Not. Give me something that is either exceptionally well-animated or hasn't been done yet... then maybe you'll reach some level of dignity.

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awesome. just awesome.

-no further comments needed-.....yep.


That was really awesome~!!!

I thought the last ghost should have beat pac-man and pac-man comes back from the dead on a part 2 and the ghost revives his friends~!!!

But oh well it was awesome anyways~!!!

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4.09 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2005
6:25 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody