VooDoo Doll Edition2.1

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-If you like this, watch and review my other games and movies!-
All the Movie clips are now done! Yay! Now there is only missing audio. If you have any good ones, e-mail them to me and ill give u credit (include your NG alias plz!)
-Drug use for the Ciggarett in credits
-Viloence for...well you can guess, im sure.
this isnt perfect, but it is still better than the original, so enjoy!


You actually bragged the truth for once!

Hey Rik, I like it! Your bragging was actually truthful for once. The setup is much better than the last one, and if the computer I'm using now had sound I would have probably gave it it a better score. The animation is smoother too, I noticed. Keep it up, man! (This is the first thing I've ever reviewed so let's hope it counts.)

PS. Maybe you should use ALKA-SELTZER tablets, in the next one. Or liquid nitrogen and a hammer so you can freeze him solid then shatter him!

superlineman responds:

i like the ALKA_SELTZER idea...and the liquid nitrogen.......hmmmm...I SMELL A SEQUAL!!! lol neway thanx for takin the risk of reviewing when ur banned from ur computer...i appriciate it! lol


I played this game for more 2 seconds!YAY!
- Marisa B.

superlineman responds:

haha yeah...i like to help others kill time...(btw...hot grounds gold alias...haha)

Easily room for improvement in next version

Graphics - gore could be made much better

Style - This has been done loads, not to original, try to make it unique

Sound - I have no sound so I don't know, I just put 5 because it's neither here nor there

Violence - Pretty violent, 'nough said

Interactivity - There is hardly anything for you to control, you should be able to move the objects and such. Also, it would be good if you stabbed up the voodoo doll (but you can hardly see anything) then when you're done click finish and you see who it's a doll of and what they look like after the voodoo has been done

Humor - Not amazingly funny, try and add something witty or random

Overall - Quite a good game, although a tad sadistic and unoriginal. However, I will vote 5 as this is my 100th review!

Go me!

superlineman responds:

first off id like to say congratulations! im glad i could b apart of ur 100th review (go me!)lol. 2nd, alot of people are saying to have a person get hurt when this is done. 1st problem there is i cant do alot like that yet (lots o scripting and stuff, and this is all buttons)
3rd-not meant to be funny...i didnt add the criteria
4th-dont really care much bout sound as it isnt as important as the actual playing element...
5th-i wasnt trying to be unoriginal, i saw all the other ones like this AFTER i finished my 1st one, but i had already promiced a 2nd one (and im not sayin im gonna stop either!) overall, good stuff in this revew. thanx for havin me be ur hundreth! and...erm.....happy 200th when it comes! lol

Some things didn't work

Nice little game, but some things didn't work. If you threw a grenade, you didn't see any explosion. If you used the katana you didn't see it either. Some weapons didn't seem to have any sounds (like the gun), add some of those sounds to make it better. The Voodoo theme didn't work either. So as you can see, a lot of things just don't work, enough about that. As for the graphics, they were not that bad but not that good either. Overall I'll give it 5 out of 10, please make sure everything works before you submit. I hope your next movie/game will be better.

superlineman responds:

people..PLEASE! READ MY COMMENTS! this is all explaind!!! (no, i CANT spell!!! ^-^) yes some things dont work yet...(i added the grenade and katana tho...that may b ur comp or somthin, cause i tested it on NG and it worked after the update...hmmmmmmm...and i am still looking for some sounds. read the comments before reviewing...it saves us BOTH alot of time!

Kinda fucked up

but still nice i guess 3

superlineman responds:

just so u know, im not a sick person...the 1st was an inside joke kinda thing, and i thought i owed it to fans of the original to make a better one...so here we are!

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2.42 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2005
5:25 PM EDT
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