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meteor (puzzle)

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The game is a bit buggy at times but its fun nonetheless.



Very very good!!

I think the people reviewing are blind and can't see it clearly says "How to play" at the start.

also, i didn't find any bugs so, nice!

Awesome piece dude

I luv this game dude, one of my friends in school is flaming me with meteos all the time, I start to like it though. He's like meteos here meteos there. So I knew how to play from begining. ^^
I like the design, especially the quake effect. Makes me want to break dishes or something.

This piece deserves at least a 4+ dudes a lot of fun to play.

Great Game

A remixoftetris andit didnĀ“t get oldafteracoupleofminutes! i played it for one hour. but i was hopeing for a high score, because i gotlike 103789..so i was a disapointed, but avery good game!:D
keep it up

Wow, I just wasted so much time on that.

That was great. I turned colors down to 2 and lost for reasons unknown(only 58 blocks on screen, maybe because difficulty hit 10? final score of 45670). For such a simple game, that was incredibly fun. I liked the added touch of entire grey rows self destructing.

Isn't there a Nintendo DS game with this concept? Meteos, I think it is? It's a little sad(from the game industry's point of view) that it can be put into a flash game and be so awesome. Great work. The only bug I noticed was that the amount of rows that would shoot up from horizontal links seemed to be random, sometimes only a few, sometimes half the screen.

awesome little game

this took me a while to understand how to play, but still an awesome game.
My friend and I are gathering misc games and animations into a website, and we believe this would be a nice add to our collection, but we need your permission of course

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3.53 / 5.00

Apr 10, 2005
4:21 PM EDT
Puzzles - Difference