PICONJO:a night in n.y.c.

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A legendary tale about a young girl and her friends in New York City.
Starring Piconjo,Legendary Frog,Pikanjo, knox and more! <3

and remember.. .

Piconjo Pwnz j00 <3


i hate

how people only know Piconjo from Ng rumble. its like wtf- the piconjo in ng rumble
doesnt even look or act like the real piconjo


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Piconjo you are the fcking god of the portal!

i sacrafice my genitals to you ....i hope you appreciate it oh yeah sick flash man i love the music too did you do the voice?

Mixed Bag...

I am going to completely toss the whole LF bashing out the window and rate this on its presentation. By now, we're all so familiar with your form of expression that slighting you for it is really pointless. Granted, I do wish that you would focus more on stories that do not involve LF (I am getting kinda tired of seeing him, in all honesty, in a good light or a bad light...) but let's focus instead on the flash and its technical merits:

As usual, Piconjo, you and and SickSexFiend have crafted a masterwork in terms of artistic style. The narrative moved seamlessly from scene to scene, and the voice was dead-on perfect for the narration itself. Using the constant beat of the selected techno piece, (intentional or not) you gave the story a strong foundation that made it gritty and harsh. Most excellent.

In terms of animation, this is one of the best that I have seen come out of your group in a long time. Again, while I am perhaps not a big fan of the main theme of your works, the various genre's that you capture without flaw make each of your flashes comic / animated works of art.

Brilliantly done.

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Kids at kindegarten should watch this daily.

Interestingly disturbing...

While I normally try to blam the blatently bad penis obsessed garbage I normally see from this author, I couldn't help but notice and appreciate the thought put into this flash. It was disturbing and almost frightening in its grotesque depiction of sexual violence. The whole film seemed to be spawned from the mind of a serial rapist or some other slug. The numerous phallic references, numbingly repetitive music, and homoerotic characterizations of men (women too), actually work for this flash because of how it ties the sickening finale to the narrator. It kind of forces you to see the narrator for the woman-hating, repressed-closet-homosexual psycho that he is.

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3.90 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2005
10:21 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody