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SS Time Trials 4

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Hello Newgroundites! Today, we present to you another "SS Time Trials"! In this one, the main theme is to try to create a masterpiece in less than 500 frames.

FPS: 24
TIme Taken: 2 weeks

Join us swell folk at


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Well we come to the forth installment of this series, so far i have been pretty impressed with the regular members of the SSTT's, im hoping that one outside the three regulars stepup:

J00bie: I that that you did this well, i liked the black and white background and the use of the little Foamy dude made this quite enjoyable although i couldnt understand what was said 8/10

SmellyPeturson: Well you had the two stars battling it out to the death and i thought that although there wasnt much animation besides the swords moving it came of as funny and violent so good work 8/10

TwoStar: Very cute lightly done flash short, i liked that song you used in the background and i also liked the background itself although it wasnt detailed, it didnt have to be, the little man mowing the lawn just finished the scene off for me. 8/10

Mr. Fluffykins: Well im guessing that this was a shot from above a stickman and then you moved it down so we could see the stickman front on, i thought it was alittle dry without any music to wash it down and the graphics didnt help, only good thing would have to be your animating 5/10

Chrome-: Wow talk about a disturbing flash short, well i thought that you picked the right song for such a scene and the drawing of the hand may have looked crude to some, actually looked quite artistic to me, good job. 8/10

(Hamy_jamy isn't even suppose to be here today)


Nice use of angry white boy polka two star ^^


11 you know this might be too good for newgrounds.


Happyleet ghost's portayal of the tension in the star syndicate is most definately to best toon on here.


Its good, i like it, good work