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This one is done in exciting Bunny Cam!
Feel the terror of being prey!
A special thanks to Adam Phillips and Sham Bhangal for their incredible Virtual Camera! It's the best thing to happen in Flash in YEARS! I wish I knew about it sooner!



talk about trippin' out. dude thats scary as shit. i mean its a lil funny but then i was all....... WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT SOUND!!! tehn i soiled myself... friggin sweet tho.


Graphics: Very nicely drawn.

Style: Love the shakey camera effect. Makes the audience seem like they are actually the one that the rabbit is talking about. Very unique to a flash movie. Very abstract. Kinda abrupt ending, I don't know if you were going for that, though. Oh, and wtf was up with the Mickey Mice, or something that looked like them?

Sound: Alright voice acting. The carrots sounded funny but didn't scream.

Very interesting. Wonder what goes on in your head to make up this type of flash. Good job, anyways.

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Hahahah lmfao wtf omg hahahahahaha


im scared

wow i seriously was on the edge of my seat expecting that bunny to scream real loud and scare the shit outta me!!!! but i guess im that way cause ive seen to many of thoose on the net and i guess ive got a major fear of those and i will for the rest of my life. Thanks alot ass holes on the net who make that shit!

Wow. :)

I have watched other flash films that you have made on newgrounds, but this was the first one that was so good it convinced me to take a look at your website.

(Everything on your webbie was great by the way; I loved the grim reaper show. Everyone, GO THERE NOW! ALL HIS CARTOONS ROCK!)

Lets see....

1. I thought the flash had really good humor. It kept my interest, and although sticking to a theme was still random enough for an ADHD/insane teenager such as myself to enjoy it.

2. The sound was great. I don't know if the people complaining know this or not, but none of your flash films have ever had a problem with sound.

3. The animation was great! Although no one would call it pretty, it is wonderful in a twisted way.

4. The style was all your own, and it really gave a unique feel to the whole flash.

5. And finally, all those bitches talking shit should just walk up to Alucard and tell him his hat looks stupid. That would be enough for him to kill them, right? *Loves to depend on favorite anime hot guys to defend her cause.*

A great flash all over, I see no need to improve or tweak this one. Keep up the great work!

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3.64 / 5.00

Apr 9, 2005
2:41 PM EDT
Comedy - Original